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Summer Time Blues

Summer Time Blues

Here at Violet’s Knickers it would be very hard to choose a favourite piece in the wardrobe, but today we have put together what we think are the best buys this week.

We hope you agree.

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Max Holliday – Mens underwear for the discerning gentleman

Max Holliday – Stylish British mens boxer shorts in Liberty PrintsMax Holiday Iron Man Boxer shorts - Violet's Knickers copy 2

Max Holliday has created a very British look for mens underwear.

Max Holliday AW14-01-3

The gorgeous Luxury lingerie brand Damaris has created Max Holliday complementing Mimi Holliday.

The collection consists of boxer shorts in polka dots and Liberty Prints.

Here we have for you, aptly named,  Batman, Ironman, Mr Fantastic and Mr Bond all finished off with a gorgeous embroidered Mimi heart on the button fly.

Violet Loves x

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Ask Violet – 5 underwear mistakes you don’t know you are making




Ask Violet – Common mistakes that some ladies (we know who they are) are completely oblivious to…..



Panty lines.

This probably means you are wearing the wrong size or your panties may have lost their shape and need to be replaced.

If this is a constant problem try ‘no vpl ‘ knickers and high-waisted knickers, these are a lot more sexy than they used to be.

You could also go down the ‘thong’ route. Thongs do take a bit of getting used to, but find the right ones and you won’t know they are there.

In fact, finding the right pair of knickers for under each item in your wardrobe is a major task, no denying!

Small boobs – no sports bar

Whether you’re an A cup or a DD, you must support your breasts!

The constant motion caused by exercise breaks down ligaments in your breasts, which are delicate and this will cause sagging.

 This applies to small boobs.

Do not put your bra in the dryer! We can tell.

If you really need to wash your bra in the washing machine – ok, but please put it in a lingerie wash bag and wash on the delicate cycle.

BUT don’t ever put your bras in the dryer. The heat will break down the spandex and eventually the bra will lose its shape and be of no use to you.

Small boobs – no bra

A-cup women still need definition under their clothing. Even if you are not interested in having cleavage or an enhanced shape you still need tissue and muscle support.

There are plenty of bras out there without padding and will provide the support you need.

Quad boobs

I come across so many women where their breasts are bulging out the top of their bra making them look like they have four breasts!

This means the cup size of your bra is too small.

Every week Violet answers a common and sometimes a not so common lingerie and lifestyle problem.

If you have a question please ‘Ask Violet’ Visit Violet’s Wardrobe Today for Luxury Lingerie.

Love My Dress Bridal Blog ….. “the start of something beautiful”

As you probably already know there are umpteen amounts of bridal blogs out there, I’m sure you’ve seen a few as to have I. But when I started looking quite a few years ago I happen to came across ‘Love My Dress‘ and was instantly hooked.

Founded in 2009 by Annabel Beeforth, Love My Dress® is an online world of wedding planning inspiration that embraces glamour and elegance and encourages sophistication and style, whilst remaining true to the love story behind every wedding.

Love My Dress has grown and grown and is now  one of the most widely read, multi-award winning wedding blogs in the UK and world which attracts over 350,000 visitors a month.

The prolific amount of blog posting that she does is a testimony to the amount of brides and those in the bridal business who want to be a part of the site and I can now say that Violet’s Knickers are also a little part of it too.!

So, if you are planning your wedding or  just like looking at beautiful wedding photographs and stunning wedding dresses this is the site I would definitely recommend

I wanted to remind all those brides to be out there not to forget their bridal lingerie and also that something special for the wedding night! And of course honeymoon lingerie.


All items shown below are available on the Violet’s Knickers website.

Stay  tuned for a chance to win a Love my dress goodie bag which includes something from Violet!


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Everything Must Go Sale…new lines added – don’t miss out!


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Violet's Knickers Sale is now on!

Violet’s Knickers Sale is now on!