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Here at Violet’s Knickers we have a particular passion for luxury loungewear, maybe its the quote from Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City!

‘I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet.’

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We are tickled PINK!


We are tickled PINK!
Not only are the blooms blooming but payday is looming.
A holiday weekend PLUS…..
We are also giving you FREE Worldwide Shipping! OH MY

What has Violet has for you this weekend?

Sonata Lingerie

Sonata Bodysuit
Sonata Paradis Classic Pink Lace Bodysuit
Made from super soft floral patterned lace and silk satin trimmings, this PINK bodysuit will definitely make the BOYS wink.


Love Stories

LOVE STORIES is all about showcasing your personal style, allowing you to reveal who you are and what makes you feel gorgeous

Stylish and comfortable, sporty and romantic; all blended together in one lingerie brand.
The COOLEST brand.

LoveStoriesIntimates-Darling Bra - Violet's Knickers

Love Stories Pale Darling Soft Bra
Purple is the colour of good judgement….how appropriate
A combination of sheer purple and gold flecks of velvet.
Im in LOVE


The EBERJEY look is feminine yet not frilly, sophisticated, yet effortless and simple, yet ALLURING.
Take a look of our new arrivals…

Asceno Apia Georgette Silk Beach Shirt

Asceno Apia Georgette Silk Beach Shirt
This georgette SILK beach shirt is a glory of feminine pinks.

Shell Belle Silk Gatsby Slip Dress  - Violet's Knickers

Shell Belle Silk Gatsby Slip Dress
Re live the 1930’s in this Gatsby Slip in soft SILK satin and an abundance of GOLD lace

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New Stunning Items Added to the Sonata Lingerie Range

Take a look at these colours in her new Hacienda range or stay sophisticated in the new Fleur bodysuit. Sonata Lingerie is a beautiful designer, the attention to detail in all her pieces is perfect. Everyone needs a piece of Sonata in their lingerie wardrobe.

Sonata Lingerie Hacienda Chiffon Camisole and Knicker set. Violet's Knickers  Sonata Lingerie Fleur Bodysuit Violet's Knickers



Born In Lithuania, Sonata Rapalyte started her love affair with beautiful fabrics when she was just a small child, dancing around her mother’s bedroom – whilst dressing up in lavish dresses – “It made me feel pretty and… happy…”

Sonata first picked up a needle and thread at the tender age of seven. She always knew where her passion lay, but really came into her own when she moved to London and worked for a string of lingerie designers including Damaris with whom Sonata launched the first ever Damaris collection. Living and working in London for a number of years Sonata realised there was a market for beautiful, luxurious lingerie. With ambition, she decided to create her own lingerie line.

With a love for travel as well as her passion for lingerie, Sonata moved to the Sardinian coast, it was there that Sonata designed her entire first collection, she says of her inspiration – “I was surrounded by unmistakable and breathtaking beauty on the Island it was so inspirational. I used to take a boat and sail out to the middle of the ocean, sit in the sun with the breeze, waves – and just design.

This is reflected in her designs, especially the Aurora collection, consisting of long silk chiffon pastel greens, with amber accents representing the sun and the breezy chiffon – the sea. It has a silk detail representing the waves.

Sonata has also incorporated a linen line into the collection – Essentially Sonata – saying –

“Linen is very important in everyday wear – it is the most anti-allergic fabric. I used antique embroidery methods to produce these pieces – they are something which can be bought through-out the year – essentials, not just throw-away fashion….”

The whole of the collection is produced with only the highest quality silks, linen and French lace…. adorned with Swarovski crystals and amber embellishments to produce luxurious lingerie.

“I hate to think I have only one type of lady buying my designs… I hope to inspire all ages from 18-80! It is a high end lingerie line due to the quality fabrics and handmade aspect of the designs, but Sonata lingerie is designed with fabulous women in mind everywhere…”

And finally Sonata says –

“I just want to make women feel pretty and sexy…. and when you wear amazing lingerie – you feel amazing. Some of my designs can be also worn on the outside too for more overt sexiness. Basically though, if I’ve achieved you feeling fabulous, then, I’m happy with that!”

Sonata 'Diva' Bodysuit in Solstiss Lace and Silk.

Sonata ‘Diva’ Bodysuit in Solstiss Lace and Silk.

Sonata Aria Lace Bodysuit.

Sonata Aria Lace Bodysuit.

Sonata Diva Bodysuit
Sonata Diva Bodysuit


Sonata Lingerie joins forces with Rene Byrd for the Target Ovarian Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Sonata Lingerie has teamed up with Rene Byrd, a driven musician with a powerful voice, to help create awareness of the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.  Sonata supplied lingerie designs from the Classic collection for Rene’s boudoir shoot with the FYEO portraits ® studios.  Rene quickly fell in love with the idea of doing this shoot to encourage women to embrace their body types and feel special.  She then decided to use the intimate shoot to spread awareness and help fundraise for ovarian cancer with Target Ovarian Cancer Charity.

Sonata Lingerie will donate 10 percent of revenues in March to the Target Ovarian Cancer Charity, and will also run a giveaway encouraging social sharing through Facebook, Twitter and their website.  The prize will be a Paradis Gown and Classic Bodysuit, and the aim is to further the reach of a video that raises awareness on ovarian cancer symptoms.

Sonata Rapalyte, Creative Director of Sonata Lingerie, is honored to work with Rene Byrd on such an important cause and is happy her lingerie designs can help play a part in the campaign to create better awareness among women about the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Given the designer Sonata’s youth of growing up in Lithuania under the Soviet regime marked with conformism and austerity, her lingerie is about the re-appropriation of the body, bringing luxury to the realm of women’s intimacy.  All of her designs are made of the most delicate fabrics, which includes silk chiffon, silk satin, linen and French lace.  She also incorporates ornament, such as Swarovski crystals.