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Summer Time Blues

Summer Time Blues

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Sonata Black Orchid Long Sleeved Bodysuit (Thong) Back Violet's KnickersSonata Lily Ribbon Bodysuit Back Violet's KnickersSonata Sola Classic Bodysuit Violet's Knickers

Sonata Lila Ribbon Lace Bodysuit - Back Violet's Knickers copy

Discover the New Collection from Sonata Rapalyte – prepare to be transported

Discover the New Collection from Sonata Rapalyte – prepare to be transported

Sonata, invites women to take a romantic and sensual journey to discover the ‘Secret Garden’.
Let your imagination move from boudoir to a secluded secret garden with exotic flowers that create an abundance of unique floral patterns. Sonata, sought refuge in romanticism that led her to design delicate lace lingerie that inspires fantasy and desire. Her subtle colours of cherry blossom pink, green apple, coral orange and lilac accentuates the floral patterns on bras, knickers, gowns and bodysuits.
This collection is destined to adorn the bodies of those who want to be subtly reminded that they are deserving of only the very best – and this simple ethos pervades every aspect of Sonata Rapalyte’s designs.

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Sonata Rapalyte – New Collection….and a little insight into Solstiss Lace

Sonata Rapalyte – New Collection….and a little insight into Solstiss Lace



John Heathcoat was determined to find a way to replicate the movements of the lace makers’ delicate fingers, with a machine. His invention, perfected by John Leavers, arrived in Northern France.
1879 and Leavers Lace also called Dentelle de Calais was born.

1974, four well- established lace makers from the region decided to join forces and formed Solstiss.
They provided the means for larger and more efficient production, increasing their activity while maintaining the tradition of lace making in Northern France.

Maison Ledieu Beauvillain
Victor Machu and AEG Joel Machu
Robert Belot
Maison Edouard Beauvillain

Each lace maker brought to the table a unique skill and tradition that set them apart from the others, to create 1 cohesive brand and expert lace makers across all categories.

Today, Solstiss is respected worldwide for its fine luxury laces and known for the wealth and diversity of its lace patterns

The world’s Top fashion houses turn to Solstiss laces as a resource and inspiration for their creations.

Solstiss counts more than 6 000 original drawings and 30 000 colours in its permanent collection. In addition to that, 2 new collections are presented each year, offering 30 new designs and 250 new creations. And for those who can’t seem to find the perfect lace… Solstiss gladly offers custom creations to better suit their clients’ needs.


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