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Summer Time Blues

Summer Time Blues

Here at Violet’s Knickers it would be very hard to choose a favourite piece in the wardrobe, but today we have put together what we think are the best buys this week.

We hope you agree.

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Violet & Wren

Asceno by Beautiful Bottoms

Asceno by Beautiful Bottoms

Beautiful Bottoms is now ASCENO a name more in keeping with the energy and essence of their collections.
Reminicent of Greek Goddesses, Asceno evokes thoughts of the sea, travel, femininity, and strength – all key attributes of the brand.
With the emphasis on quality fabrics, vibrant digital prints, and contemporary silhouettes the Asceno woman can easily pivot between urban city breaks and exotic luxury travels….enjoy!

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Summer is just around the corner….shop Violets key pieces in her wardrobe

VK has all you need for your summer wardrobe this year.

Eberjey  by the sea bikini

Eberjey by the sea bikini

We’re not just talking swim and beachwear.  

Eberjey nostalgia beach bikini

Eberjey nostalgia beach bikini

 Being lingerie and loungewear enthusiasts we also have cool and bright prices  to brighten up your drawers! 

Fall in love with Love Stories

Fall in love with Love Stories

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My top 15 tips to packing for your summer holidays, plus a handy checklist.

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Do you love going on holiday but dread packing the suitcase?

Do you end up throwing everything in the case the night before?

  1. Sometimes, ok every time, I take too many shoes on holiday. All I really need is a pair of summer wedges, a pair of flip-flops, a pair of heels and maybe comfy flats for the plane. Top tip, try slipping your shoes inside your partner’s shoes or pack them in the bottom of your case.
  1. Scarves are my fav for holidays. They take up very little room in your case and soo do they multi-task on holiday. Uses are…a mini skirt on the beach or on the way to the bar, for your head to protect hair and face during serious sunbathing,  protect your shoulders at lunchtime and of course, around your neck to complement an outfit.
  2. Dresses are the bees knees. Wear during the day with flats, on the beach with flip-flops and at night with heels.
  3. Are you a ‘what if?’ packer? Don’t. The ‘what if’ scenario rarely occurs and invariably they have shops where you are going, right?
  4. Remember Ross. Always put toiletries, makeup and coffee (yes coffee) into zip-up plastic bags or carriers. The baggage hold of a plane is unpressurised, so liquids such as nail polish remover could expand and leak.
  5. Take the iron and ironing board with you. Seriously roll items that can be and this will cut down on creasing. If you have to take anything tailored, turn it inside out and tuck in the sleeves. The key here would be not to over-pack as squashed clothes are creased clothes.
  6. On holiday the idea is to feel relaxed and gorgeous. Lay all your best and favourite clothes on the bed then half them! On holiday you will feel different and being comfortable and feeling special will be important so pack with this in mind.
  7. Take more than one costume. If you want to seriously swim, dive or snorkel this is a must and then a few mix and match bikinis, they only take up a tiny bit of space.
  8. Lots and lots of knickers. Ok not really, you can wash them on holiday, take some SOAK with you.
  9. Lip gloss, hand cream and other essential liquids! In your hand luggage must still be in containers of no more than 100ml and placed in a transparent, resealable plastic bag no larger than 20cmx20cm. This does not apply air-side, so buy anything you will need in larger quantities once you have gone through security. Remember to make sure all beauty items are less than 50ml if you’re planning to take them onboard a flight.
  10. Will it be hard or soft? Your suitcase can add up to 10lb if it’s a hard shell but does offer more protection from damage, thieves and sudden downpours of rain. 70% of suitcases on the carousel are black, so stand out from the crowd and always lock your checked bag as an unlocked suitcase could invalidate your insurance.
  11. How much do you weigh? If you weigh your case before you leave the house this could save you money and time.
  12. Seriously a Kindle is the best thing on the beach. Smart phones, Kindles and iPads take up far less space than books.
  13. Now for the closing ceremony. When you drop down the suitcase lid it should close easily without you having to sit on top.
  14. Important finale, remember the Travel adaptor. I must have about 20 of them now.

For my top 10 great tips on looking after your swimwear on holiday check out my previous Blog.

Visit my swimwear wardrobe and select some designer swimwear to dazzle on the beach with.

Dirty Pretty Things The Birds Swimming Costume Violet's Knickers

Dirty Pretty Things The Birds Swimming Costume Violet’s Knickers


Hand luggage

Passports and visas Travel itinerary
Airline tickets and hotel documentation Credit cards and ID (Driving licence)
Foreign currency/travellers’ cheques Sweatshirt / jumper
Valuables: camera, mobile phone etc Books / magazines
Travel sweets Change of underwear in case you lose your luggage
Medication (if prescription take documentation)  

Main luggage

Clothes / shoes / underwear Suncream
Swimwear Hat
Sunglasses Toiletries / medicine
Travel adaptors Beach towels
Jacket Translation dictionary

Travelling with children

Activity books / magazines Snacks and drinks
Travel sickness medicine Clothes
Favourite teddy / toy Blanket
Travel sweets  

Travelling with babies

Nappies / changing mat Comforter / soothers
Bottles of milk Nappy cream
Baby food Blanket


Eberjey Indian Summer Naomi Violet's Knickers (3) - Copy

Eberjey Indian Summer Naomi Swimsuit Violet’s Knickers


Phax Swimwear

Established in 1991, Colombian brand Phax focuses on a young and fun lifestyle.

It creatively has a fusion of prints texture and colours which give that fresh young feeling together with sophistication.

The products are of a high quality of course and have those delicate details which makes them unique.

Shop Violet’s full selection here today 

Phax Ancora bikini Violet's Knickers



Cover up on your journey to and from the beach with these gorgeous sexy shorts.

When packing for holidays we need easy and versatile items. These shorts can easily take you from day to evening, dress up or dress down.

Take your pick or take all three!

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Violet's Knickers Swim Collection great-escape

Eberjey Beach Beauties - Gypsy Traveller Crochet Shorts

Eberjey Beach Beauties – Gypsy Traveller Crochet Shorts

Spun from the softest cotton lace in such a pretty floral pattern these shorts are half tomboy, half girly-girly. A perfect item over your bikini for the pool bar.

Lisa Blue Black Lace Shorty Shorts.

Lisa Blue Black Lace Shorty Shorts.

These cute lacy shorts are ideal to use on the beach as a cover up when your of to the bar.
Each Lisa Blue item comes with its own gauze logo bag.

Kriss Soonik Rebecca Shorts

Kriss Soonik Rebecca Shorts

Sexy shorts indeed. These sports inspired shorts are just made for comfort and coolness.
Satin trimmed and with a couple of cute bows at the front they make an ideal match for the Lisi cover up.