Who’s Violet – Video

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There’s something rather special about the feel of silk on your skin – it’s like a lover’s caress, melting chocolate on your tongue and butterfly wings on your face. It is exciting, soft, sensuous and delicate, all at once. In fact if I could take those words and sum them up in one person, it would have to be me – Violet. The woman behind the magic that is underneath.

Violet’s Knickers came to me in a delicious dream – the type that lingers. I dreamed of a world in which every woman would feel the pleasure of high quality luxury lingerie against her body and that every man could share in those delights. My dream was to make the most gorgeous creations in the world of designer lingerie, swimwear and loungewear – bringing out the sexy, sassy and feminine side of every woman.

I am every woman. I love clothes, I love to be dressed from head to toe in something chic, beautiful and alluring. My love of underwear comes from the knowledge that I have a secret. A sometimes dark, often very sexy and occasionally chaste secret hiding beneath. Maybe it will be uncovered and maybe it won’t. It is my choice.

When I wear something from my lingerie wardrobe I feel curvy and confident. I have a lilt in my step, I skip and I dance. My clothes radiate this feeling – that I am in charge and that I am special. This is what comes from buying underwear that is the very best you can afford. It is the epitome of style and elegance – something to be treasured, worn again and again and treated with respect. Just as I expect.

Yes, we all have our favourite comfy knickers. Those that make it under your clothes when you are having a frumpy day. But nothing quite has the same feeling as a beautifully crafted, handmade and exclusively designed lingerie set. It just makes you feel so sexy, so sensuous and damn well gorgeous. How do you think you would feel?

Here at Violet’s Knickers we know that our silk and lace creations speak for themselves. However, we also believe in being the very best when it comes to your shopping experience. My expectations match those of my clients. Only the best will do. That is why you came to us, after all.

As wonderful as I may be, I could not do this alone. My network of designers, friends and colleagues all bring their incredible talent to Violet’s Knickers. In particular, Sonata and Ludique create made to order luxury lingerie especially for you. It might take a little longer – but it is worth the wait.

My name is Violet and I am here to welcome you to the world of fabulousness that is Violet’s Knickers. Take a look around my wardrobe to see if anything takes your fancy.

Violet x


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